Talking about simplify the golf swing



simplify the golf swing

 I would like to   simplify the golf swing for you. We can talk about all of the areas, all of the things that happen and so forth, but the club is going almost 100 miles an hour. I want to tell you the simple way to do this.  I have found to get my students to swing without any problems is to make them swing without a lot of thought, just basically one thought. That one thought is that when we set-up we do it with sound fundamentals…good posture…ball position, and grip..

 Here is my thoughts on the first tee…good posture..start to address the ball with my feet together with the golf ball centered between my feet…now move the right foot to the right and the ball is aligned with my left heel.  On my backswing I want my left shoulder to point at the ball (that means I have finished my backswing)…on the downswing I want my right shoulder to point at the ball/tee.  That means I haven’t stood up or changed my posture.  Now hold the finish and watch it go.

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