Ball Flight Dynamics


“Why did it go that way?”

Basic Ball Flight Rules                         

 The initial part of a ball flight is based only on swift path (direction the club hits the ball)

After the inertia from swing path decreases (ball slows) the angle of the clubface takes over.

· open face – ball goes right

· closed face – ball goes left



Primary causes by ball flight

 Ball goes straight right

1. If your arms/club move back before your left shoulder the club will get behind you. At waist high is it in front of your chest?… or to the right? Should be in front.


Inside to Outside Path

 Ball goes straight left.

Couple of choices:

1. You didn’t finish the turn away (did you left should get at least to the ball), but did turn on the downswing.

2. Your first move from the top of the swing was by pulling the club with the right hand.

3. Try it… you will reroute the clubhead so it comes from the outside.

Learn to identify what causes the ball to fly like it does, and how to remedy it.

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