Finesse Wedge

My tip today is about something that I have dealt with for a long time as both a teacher and a player. When hitting a finesse wedge shot, it is natural to want to hit the ball using your hands. This hitting motion results in inconsistency. A more consistent approach involves using the large muscles of the body to swing the club, instead of using the small muscles of the hands to hit the ball.


This is often a difficult concept to communicate. I have found that two things are important when teaching this technique to students:

1.     There has to be a message sent to the player’s mind that there is sufficient power coming from somewhere other than the hands.

2.     Something in the swing should provide a focus for the player. While the player focuses on that part, the rest of the swing will be allowed to develop with less effort.

I suggest keeping your right knee flexed during the backswing. At the top of the backswing, you will feel tension on the outside of your right thigh if your knee is properly flexed.

This satisfies the two criteria listed above. By feeling the coiling tension in your right thigh, you will be able to feel one of the big muscles replacing the power. At the same time, you will occupy your conscious mind to a body part other than the hands. This focus will allow the swing to develop naturally.


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