Jimmy Ballard’s 7 Basic Golf Fundamentals

Jimmy Ballards

"Seven Common Denominators" of all good swings.

  1. The golfer must create a connection at the outset through a braced connected address position.
  2. The golfer must start the swing by taking the triangle and center away together.
  3. The golfer must coil the triangle and center behind the ball in the brace of the right leg.
  4. The golfer must reverse the club with the right foot and right knee to create the proper position at the top of the swing.
  5. The golfer must, after initiating the change of direction with the right foot and right knee, immediately release the right side and center, insuring that the triangle returns to the original position squaring the club at impact.
  6. The golfer must, at waist high past the ball, have maintained the triangle with the belt buckle and the center facing toward the target.

    The golfer must complete the swing with the knees, hips and shoulders level, and the weight entirely on the left side. The straight balanced finish is proof that connection has been preserved during the swing.

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